$1,000 reward to bust catalytic converter thieves

They are literally thieves in the night, sneaking onto this property in La Feria and stealing from the business.

They are targeting big vehicles high off the ground with enough room to slide under and steal catalytic converters.

"They go underneath the cars, and they spend 5-10 minutes in sawing those things off," said La Feria Chief of Police Don Garcia.

The converters in these Orbit Broadband vans have been ripped out from underneath them.

Clean-cut pipes show how thieves used some sort of electric power blade to quickly slice through the metal, where the converters would be unattached from the vehicle and taken away.

But it's not only the converters this business will do without.

They'll be out of pocket thousands of dollars just to get the vans up and running again.

"They took a total of three converters, said Orbit Broadband Operations Manager Michael Rojas. We're looking at repairs about $1,500 to $2,000 per vehicle. This is the second time we've been hit, so it's adding up."

There is also damage to the business' fence, where the burglars appear to have cut the bottom in order to pull the top of the fence down and hop over.

The fear is, those responsible will strike again.

"I think these guys, if they are guys, they know what they're doing, said Rojas. They are using a power tool to get in there and do the work. Judging from the pictures we took underneath the vehicles, they are pretty handy with power tools to be able to cut through those pipes cleanly."

Orbit Broadband wants to stop the burglars in their tracks.

They are currently offering up a $1,000 reward to get the thieves behind bars.

If you have any information, call La Feria Police at 956-797-3121.