$100,000 bond for driver in fatal Mission accident

Negligent homicide suspect Antonio Montelongo faced a judge on Monday morning

The thought of her son in jail is too much to bear for Minerva and the Montelongo family.

She burst into tears after a judge charged her son Antonio with negligent homicide charges for the death of 18-year-old Yadira Pea on early Sunday morning.

"He did not do it on purpose," Minerva said.

She stands by her son's innocence claiming Pea's death was not on purpose.

Antonio TMs sister Erica also feels their mother TMs pain.

It hurts me to know that he's going to be locked up for something that he didn't mean to do," she said.

Mission Police said Antonio admitted to taking a shot of alcohol before taking the wheel, but a breathalyzer test showed no trace of alcohol.

Cpl. Manuel Casas said that was not all he admitted to.

"He did admit to the detectives that he had smoked a little bit of marijuana but that was prior, but that was hours [before]," he said.

But Cpl. Casas added that the four passengers in the car Antonio was driving were not wearing seat belts.

That is what played a major role in Pea TMs death, according to Cpl. Casas.

"Statistics show that if you wear your seatbelt there's a 50 percent chance that you're going to survive the accident or serious injury," he added.

Paramedics transported the three other passengers sitting with Pea in the back to McAllen Medical Center.

"I understand the pain they must feel having lost a child, Minerva said, about Pea TMs parents.

Her daughter also said she TMs very said with the outcome.

"I'm really sorry for the loss of their daughter, Erica said. I wish this wouldn't have happened."

Cpl. Casas said Pea TMs birthday is on February 14.

Her twin sister was in the car with her and is recovering at the hospital with a shattered pelvis.