$100,000 bond for latest deputy arrested in Panama Unit scandal

McAllen Federal Courthouse // File Photo

The latest law enforcement official charged in the Panama Unit scandal was back in court on Wednesday morning.

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office Deputy James Phil JP Flores appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby in McAllen.

Flores is accused of teaming up with a predatory drug trafficker Fernando Guerra, Sr.

According to a criminal complaint, the group worked as a team to steal drugs from rivals, sell them and spilt the profits.

Judge Ormsby issued Flores a $100,000 dollar bond with several restrictions:

Pre-Trial Supervision House Arrest GPS Monitoring No Travel No Excessive Use of Alcohol No Drug Use No Contact With Others Connected To Case

Under the conditions of the bond, Flores only has to post five percent, or just $5,000 dollars, to be free.