$100,000 bond for shooting victim charged with money laundering

Authorities revealed that the target of a shooting in Mission has been the target of numerous home invasions and even a kidnapping in Mexico.

But Mission police told Carlos Alberto Coronado never reported the crimes.

On Wednesday, Coronado stood before a judge on money laundering charges.

Investigators told Action 4 News that police found over $50,000 dollars in cash hidden in a bucket outside of his Sharyland home.

That home was riddled with bullet holes after an alleged shootout between Coronado and several other men early Tuesday morning.

Shady Past

Luckily no one was hurt but Mission Police Chief Martin Garza said the shooting did raise some red flags.

Garza told Action 4 News that Coronado admitted to having been kidnapped in Mexico and held for ransom.

Coronado allegedly told police that he paid the ransom and escaped back to the United States.

It TMs not clear why or exactly who kidnapped Coronado, but Chief Garza said the home has been the target of several crimes.

Garza says they believe this shooting was not random because of Coronado's past as a state police officer in Tamaulipas.

In Custody

Investigators are continuing to dig into Coronado's life---trying to piece together the facts.

Authorities seized dozens of Rolex and other expensive watches, jewelry, a safe, and the gun Coronado allegedly used to shoot back at the suspects.

Chief Garza believes this crime would've gone unreported if it wasn't for the neighbors on School Lane calling 9-1-1.

Coronado has been charged with money laundering and was given a $100,000 dollar bond.

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents placed a detainer against Coronado because of his illegal status in the United States.