$100,000 bond, house arrest for Sullivan City chief

A federal judge has granted a $100,000 dollar bond and house arrest for jailed Sullivan City Police Chief Hernan Guerra, Jr.

Authorities arrested Guerra last week under the authority of a 12-page federal drug trafficking indictment.

The Sullivan City police chief is accused of abusing his post to help drug traffickers move large amounts of marijuana north.

Guerra appeared before U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Peter Ormsby for an arraignment and bond hearing at 4:36 p.m. Tuesday.

With his feet shackled and the courtroom packed with relatives, Guerra entered a plea of not guilty.

No testimony was heard but Judge Ormsby granted Guerra a $100,000 dollar bond with a ten percent deposit and a co-signer.

Judge Ormbsy said in court he was not concerned about Guerra being a flight risk due to his strong family ties and property in the area.

But the judge said Guerra must remain under house arrest with GPS monitoring and not work in any capacity in law enforcement.

Guerra is expected to remain in custody until Wednesday morning.

Defense attorney Oscar Alvarez said Sullivan City officials placed Guerra on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

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