10th anniversary of Rubio, Camacho child murders approaching

John Allen Rubio Found Guilty // File Photo

This coming Monday marks the somber anniversary of a crime that shocked that the entire Rio Grande Valley.

March 11th is the 10th anniversary of the murders of three children at the hands of their parents in Brownsville.

Julissa Quesada, John Esteban Rubio and Mary Jane Rubio were brutally murdered and decapitated at the hands of their own parents.

The children's mother Angela Camacho is serving life in prison for the crime while John Allen Rubio is on death row.

Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said his office is holding a vigil at the family's former apartment off East 8th and Tyler Streets to remember the children.

We don TMt want our community to remember these two monsters, and they don TMt deserve the attention they TMve received, Saenz said. We want our community to remember the three angels " Julissa Quesada, Mary Jane Rubio, John Esteban Rubio " who lost their lives before they could even enjoy what it is to be innocent children.

Julissa was 3 years old while John Esteban was 14 months old and Mary Jane was 2 months old.

The Cameron County District Attorney TMs Office will hold a memorial service at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 11th.

Join us as we remember the tres angeles, said in statement.