11 yr old IDEA Academy student given alcohol on campus

The IDEA Academy in San Benito is a campus where students are on the fast-track towards a higher education.

But some are also quickly learning about underage drinking after a student brought alcohol on campus and shared it with his peers.

The school's director of operations released a statement to Action 4 News.

It reads in part: "This issue is being addressed. The consumption of alcohol on an idea campus is unacceptable behavior and against our core values. IDEA Public Schools always addresses these matters swiftly before they escalate."

Some parents at the school disagreed with the way the incident was handled.

In an email Action 4 News, the mother of an 11-year-old who was reportedly given the alcohol, wrote how she was outraged that she wasn't notified about the Monday incident until 5:30pm on Tuesday.

Oneida Villarreal also said her daughter was given a wine cooler, which an administrator told her came from the boy's home.

Her daughter did not receive a medical check up from the school after reportedly drinking the alcohol.

A 12-year-old boy shared his knowledge of what happened while with his mother after school on Friday.

"One of the kids... they brought alcohol and they were giving it out to kids and everything... and they didn't want to snitch or anything but one of the kids got the courage to tell them," he recalled.

Administrators at the campus said they are working with the student and his parents to resolve the matter.