115 illegal immigrants found in Hidalgo County stash houses

It usually starts at the Rio Grande.

From there illegal immigrants are placed in a vehicle and are taken to a stash house"somewhere in the Rio Grande Valley.

The house is a place these immigrants stay for days and sometimes months.

Border Patrol agents said they found over 65 illegal immigrants crammed into a mobile home in Mission on Monday.

"The living conditions were poor, Border Patrol Agent Rosie Huey said. There was trash on the floor"a lot of the houses don't have running water or electricity. It's not a good condition to be in."

Agent Huey said unfortunately many of these immigrants, who pay smugglers thousands of dollars to cross over, do not expect to be placed in such deplorable living conditions.

"The smugglers do entice them on how easy it will be, Huey said. Obviously they don't tell them they will be placed in a trunk or in a trailer with no air."

The 65 immigrants found in that mobile home in Mission are just some of the many illegal TMs found hiding out in mobile homes across Hidalgo County.

A total of 115 illegal immigrants were discovered in alleged stash houses across the county.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents told Action 4 News they raided mobiles homes in Pharr, Mercedes, and Edinburg.

Agents said the immigrants detained were from several different countries.

Agents told Action 4 News the investigation is ongoing and they looking into whether these cases are connected.