$119,000 seized from American bus in Nuevo Laredo


Mexican authorities reported that they have seized more than $119,000 dollars from aboard an American bus headed into Nuevo Laredo.

Mexico's Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reports that it all happened at Nuevo Laredo TMs International Bridge No. 2 on Sunday.

Soldiers were performing a routine inspection on an American passenger bus headed into Mexico.

Authorities were running the bus with its luggage through an giant X-Ray machine when they spotted something unusual inside a suitcase.

Investigators took a closer look and found 31 packages with $119,979 dollars inside.

SEDENA officials report that soldiers seized the cash and arrested the suitcase TMs owner in a possible money laundering case.

Authorities have not released the suitcase owner TMs identity or city of residency but SEDENA officials reported he or she could not justify how he or she had acquired the money.