131 illegal immigrants found inside Alton stash house

Illegal Immigrant Stash House

Authorities found 131 illegal immigrants inside a home in Alton on Monday.

Border Patrol received a call about suspicious activity going on at the house on 500 N. Inspiration Road.

Alton Police Department was called in to assist with arrests.

When the agencies responded to the home, they took Jose Cruz Jasso-Vasquez, Maria Guadalupe Ramon-Deigo and Eulogio Osorio-Pablo into custody.

Osorio admitted to being a caretaker of the home. He told authorities he was in charge of opening and closing the home TMs gate when someone would come to drop off the immigrants or food.

Ramon was identified in a photo line-up as the woman who would feed the illegal immigrants. When questioned, Ramon told agents she would collect money from the people and go to a nearby store to buy bread and soda.

Jasso was identified in by immigrants and the other suspects as the owner of the home and the person in charge.

All appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos in McAllen on Wednesday morning.

Records of what happened in court were not immediately available.

Three immigrants are being held as witnesses.

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