15 illegal immigrants found inside Mercedes stash house

Border Patrol agents bust a stash house containing more than 15 illegal immigrants in Mercedes Monday.

The stash home was located on an unmarked dirt road near the Mercedes water tower.

Officers received a tip from a local concerned citizen.

When officers arrived they found men, women and children inside.

The Border Patrol said the people did have food and water but living conditions were bad.

Neighbor Enrique Rodriguez lives two houses away and says the woman who lived in the home had only been there a little over a month and he saw no signs of what was going on.

I don't know if they arrived now, this morning or what day. I hadn't seen or known there were any people there, Rodriguez said in Spanish.

Rodriguez adds this is not the first time a stash house had been busted on his street, and that another neighbor was caught housing illegal immigrants just a few months ago.