16-year-old girl held against her will in San Juan

The call came from concerned members of the community claiming a 16-year-old girl was being held against her will in San Juan. "Since November until now we have at least six documented incidents where he forcibly raped her," said San Juan Chief Juan Gonzalez. The victim was able to climb out of a window and get to a shelter where she filed a report with police.

Action 4's cameras were rolling as both San Juan police and U.S. Marshals swarmed the house where the girl said she was kept. Inside the home they arrested two illegal immigrants and a woman identified as Ofelia Vargas, the mother of Benito Vargas, the man accused of this horrific crime. "We have arrested the mom as well for failure to report a felony, knowing that the individual was committing this violent crime," said Gonzalez. But Ofelia maintained her innocence and said she did not know why police were at her home.

Police said the evidence inside the shed where the victims said she was kept told a different story. "It does look there is some sort of safe house possibly a staging area, we're going to check with that," said Gonzalez. "Hopefully we can determine whether these individuals are involved in human trafficking." Police also told Action 4 News that Vargas would make the victim stay outside for days on end without food or water.

They said she would sleep on a sofa on the porch. Both Benito Vargas and Ofelia Vargas could face additional charges. You can continue to turn to Action 4 News for the latest on this story.