2005 capital murder suspect faces judge

Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez

Jurors heard testimony about a cold-blooded murder that happened back in 2005. On Tuesday, more than eight years, later prosecutors presented forensic evidence against Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez for the murder of Alex Villarreal.

"In this case we had .9mm type gunshot wound to the head entering the main part of the brain both of which could affect the motor capacity of the individual," the forensic expert said.

Forensic experts testified that the fact that Villarreal had a third gunshot wound at a different angle, shows it was not a suicide.

According to court records, Rodriguez worked with another man to kill Villarreal.

The other man held down Villarreal's leg while Rodriguez allegedly shot him. Villarreal was a witness to a murder that happened outside of Harlingen's Club Nco back in October 2004.

According to court documents, Rodriguez kidnapped Villarreal in Villarreal TMs Ford mustang.

A judge dismissed charges against that second suspect.

In Rodriguez's trial on Tuesday, a forensic pathologist described three things found in the toxicology report.

"There were three things found; a very tiny amount of alcohol that may have come from decomposition itself, the other drug was marijuana; there was evidence of the active component of the marijuana chemical in the blood as well as the inactive component. The third drug we found is benzoylecgonine and this is the inactive component of cocaine," the forensic expert said.

Villarreal went missing, but his body was found in a Resaca in San Benito in March of 2005.

Forensic pathologist talked about his gunshot wounds.

"These wounds were of a highly large caliber a .9mm and they impacted parts of the brain that would render someone immediately incapacitate them not necessarily death but incapacitate them," Forensic Expert said.

In court, the defense did not agree with the prosecutors showing a .380 pistol and said it had no relevance to the case since the weapon was not found on Rodriguez.

Judge Carlos X. Garcia is allowing an expert in firearms to look at characteristics of the guns.

Rodriguez fled to Mexico where he spent six years until being extradited in February 2011.

He's been in the Cameron County jail since that time waiting for trial.

Timeline of Events:

October 1, 2004 Juan Ramon Hernandez murdered at Club NCO in Harlingen

March 1, 2005 Witness Alex Villarreal found murdered outside San Benito

February 19, 2011 Suspect Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez extradited from Mexico

April 9, 2011 Suspect Willie Martinez Guerra charged in Villarreal TMs murder

August 16, 2012 Charges dismissed against Willie Martinez Guerra

July 30, 2013 Suspect Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez goes to trial

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