2012 job expectations in the valley

A recent poll finds 78 percent of Americans are hopeful for what 2012 will bring their families, and for most who are looking for a job, their personal finances is on top of the list.In the Associated Press Poll, 36 percent of Americans think their household TMs financial situation will improve this year, while 11 percent think it will worsen.We brought these concerns to Workforce Solution TMs Victor De Leon who said there are a number of sectors that will continue to carry the Rio Grande Valley, while other jobs will be introduced to the Valley and play a bigger role.The jobs that continue to be in demand in this area include those in the health services, education, government, retail and transportation, and another sector that will be introduced is renewable energy.Call centers have also become popular in the Valley hiring from 60 to 400 employees to answer phones and direct customers from large companies, but one major employer in the Valley could be affected negatively depending on the healthcare reform.There still remains a great uncertainty of how healthcare reform or some regulatory policies on the federal level or even those on the state level may affect different industries such as the health industry. And that is one the industries that has carried this region locally, said De Leon.For four consecutive months, Hidalgo County TMs unemployment rate has continued to decrease.Later this month, Workforce Solutions will know if for the fifth consecutive month, the rate continues to drop.Workforce Solutions invites anyone looking for a job to visit any one of their centers in the three county areas: Hidalgo, Starr or Willacy.Click here for more information.