26-year-old accused of pushing elderly woman to concrete driveway

Harlingen Police Department: Jonathan Resendez

An elderly woman claims a Harlingen man pushed her to the concrete ground during an argument.

Police took Jonathan Resendez into custody on Sunday night.

Resendez and his mother were visiting with the elderly woman at a home on South Palm Court Drive.

Police received a call saying the victim was trying to stop an argument between the 26-year-old and his mother.

When she told him to stop, Resendez demanded the elderly woman leave and pushed her to the ground.

When the officer arrived, he found the elderly woman in tears lying on the driveway.

EMS responders took her to Harlingen Medical Center. She was complaining of back pain and pain to her right arm.

Police found Resendez walking nearby on Tucker Road.

He was taken to city jail and charged with Injury to an Elderly.

The 26-year-old TMs bond was set at $15,000.