2nd Amendment activist arrested

Weapons found in car

A 2nd Amendment activist was arrested by McAllen police when he went to the station with a rifle and knife.

Police said Little Elm resident, Zach William Horton showed up to the department requesting a photo of himself in front of the facility with his assault rifle.

Horton was told he would not be allowed to take the photo and shortly after leaving, he returned in his car to the building with the prohibited weapons, according to police.

Officers said that is when they arrested the 37-year-old for carrying a weapon on places where weapons are prohibited and trespassing.

Horton TMs rifle was fully loaded with 65 rounds of ammunition.

The case is being forwarded to the Hidalgo County District Attorney TMs office.

Horton TMs bond was set at $25,000.

The activist stood outside the Brownsville Police Department on Wednesday with his rifle, peacefully demonstrating his 2nd Ammendment right.

The Brownsville police had granted him permission as long as he had five officers surrounding him to ensure safety.