2nd arrest in connection to San Juan murder

An ongoing murder investigation in San Juan leads to a second arrest.

Roel Lopez of Alamo was arrested Friday for the murder of Efren Escamilla.

Escamilla was shot at his home last Sunday.

Today, the man suspected of helping the shooter hide the murder weapon went before a judge.

Friday night San Juan Police arrested Joel Adalberto Gonzalez in connection to the murder.

He's now charged with tampering with evidence.

Police said Gonzalez was hiding the murder weapon used to shoot and kill Efren Escamilla at Escamilla's home on West 13th street.

Police said Gonzalez helped alleged shooter, Roel Lopez, by taking the gun to an undisclosed location in order to hide it from police.

Gonzalez is said to be a partner in a chiropractor business.

A judge gave him a $100,000 bond.

Gonzalez was taken to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department.

His arrest marks the second arrest in connection to the murder.

In total, there have been five arrests.