3-time home burglary victims thankful surveillance video leads to arrest

A Hidalgo County family hopes the sleepless nights are over. An arrest has been made in connection to a burglary at their home off Montecristo Road outside Edinburg. It's the third time the home has been targeted in about a year. Action 4 News exclusively aired home surveillance video of the latest burglary on Monday night at 10pm. Marcos Martinez was arrested less than 48 hours after the story. Erika Pena took a look at his mug shot and immediately recognized his face. "He does look like that," the homeowner said. "His beard is something we caught on video." Erika first spotted the suspect on home surveillance video last Monday. A network of 7 security cameras captured what appeared to be Martinez busting through her front door around 10:30 in the morning. Law enforcement believes he may have known the home would be empty at the time since he lived in the area. Marcos is seen on video flagging down another vehicle with an unknown number of accomplices inside. The thieves ransacked Erika's home, damaged property and stole about $10,000 worth of electronics and jewelry. The family couldn't sleep well, until now. "In a way, I'm just happy," Erika said. "I'm happy they caught him and at least he knows were looking for him."

New security measures will go up at the home, including burglar bars around windows and doors to go along with the alarm and camera systems. "I wish I could say everything I feel or I would do to him because it scares me to know that I could be home one day with my beautiful kids," Erika said. The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is expected to make more arrests in the case. Marcos Martinez is charged with burglary. His bond was set at $50,000. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter