3-year-old kicked out of Brownsville daycare

A 3-year-old boy and his two brothers were kicked out of the Jamboree Daycare program after his mother sounded the alarm on poor supervision at the school.

Caleb Serna is a bright and affectionate toddler.

All of a sudden today they have too many issues regarding their behavior so they decided to kick them out, said Caleb TMs mom Samantha.

But this angry mom says her son was not the problem plaguing the Brownsville daycare.

Samantha says the daycare was getting back at her for reporting lack of supervision and abuse by other students to Action 4 News.

Serna says that on April 4th she arrived at the daycare early to pick up her three sons.

That's allegedly when she saw a nine year old boy with his hands around her sons neck.

At the time of the incident the teachers were getting ready for snack, said Samantha.

Both of them where in the kitchen so all the other kids were unattended.

Serna is a criminal justice student at University of Texas in Brownsville. She enrolled her children at Jamboree Daycare a year and a half ago because of their flexible hours, but when the classroom size grew she grew anxious.

There's about 20 plus kids with only two teachers, said Samantha.

They should have more supervision or at least one stay in the classroom.

Serna claims she asked the school to remove the student who allegedly tried choking her son.

They said they were going to suspend him immediately, said Samantha.

But that was over a week ago.

Worried for her child's safety, Samantha called us take action for the safety of her son and the other children at the daycare.

When Action 4 News Cameras showed up Tuesday, the administrators called police and handed Samantha a letter which stated her family was being terminated from the program because of her children TMs behavioral problems. Samantha says everybody loses because the child she claims was aggressive with her child remains in the daycare.