34 dead beat dads, mom arrested in County round up

34 dead beat dads and a mom arrested in Cameron County round up

These are the faces of shame.

They're fathers who've been jailed in Cameron County for failing to pay child support.

"Cameron County does not tolerate dead beat dads," Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

The Sheriff's Department's 3-day round-up with the Texas Attorney General's Office ended Thursday with the arrests of 34 dead beats, including a dead beat mom named Joanna Taylor. The Attorney General says she owes nearly $34,000 in child support.

Sheriff Lucio says it's the kids who ultimately suffer.

"They think they're punishing their former wife or husband as the case may be and they're not," he said.

One person rounded up by deputies owed a whopping $60,000.

Police identified him as Jaime Gonzalez.

He's wanted for missed child support payments out of Houston.

These types of state sweeps take place about 4 times a year, according to the sheriff.

But deputies with child support enforcement say they work every day to arrest those who owe money.

Action 4 News is there as deputies knocked on the door of Jose Alejandro Garza's home at 1520 West Washington Street in Brownsville.

Deputies say he owes thousands in child support payments.

Garza TMs whereabouts remain unknown.

There was no answer at his door on Friday afternoon.

A check around the home also netted no results.

Deputies say they'll be back.

Bill Bryan lives right next door.

"They had kids, they got married, then they go ahead and take off... What is that?" he asked. What does that prove? It doesn't prove anything."

The sheriff warns all dead beats in the county to make arrangements for child support payments or they will be arrested.

The Attorney General's Child Support Division can be reached at (800) 252-8014.

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