4 EXCLUSIVE: Brownsville mom turns $5 into $1,000,000 in lottery

Denise Garza is a millionare after the Mega millions Jackpot

A 28-year-old school clerk and mother of three hosted one of the biggest parties in Brownsville Wednesday night after realizing she has a million dollar lottery ticket.

Denise Garza says she hit five numbers minus the Mega Ball in Tuesday night's historic Mega Millions lottery drawing worth $636 million.

There were two winners for the grand prize.

Tickets were sold in Georgia and California.

Denise is the only one in Texas to reportedly win the $1 million prize.

The Lopez High School clerk, who works for the Brownsville Independent School District, ran home during her lunch break Wednesday afternoon to check her ticket after hearing the winning numbers were sold at the Stripes on Alton Gloor near her home.

She originally bought $5 worth of tickets with money left over from her son's 5th birthday celebration over the weekend.

Denise says she typically never plays the lotto.

Her first phone call was to her husband Mark Chavez.

The two dreamt about becoming millionaires the night before.

"All night last night we spoke until about two in the morning about what we would do if we won," she said.

Denise joked how for Christmas her family would be getting an upgrade from the typical $10 toys under the tree.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked her what she plans to do with the winnings.

"That's the million dollar question," Ryan said.

"Oh man, I want a jeep that I have seen at Ed Payne forever," she answered. "So I think that'll be the first thing I do. After that, I'll be taking care of my family."

Denise won't be reporting for work for the rest of the week.

She called her boss to tell him she had won.

"He actually said, 'you're not going to come in tomorrow?'" she recalled. "I said, 'Would you go into work if you won?'"

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