4 Exclusive: Harlingen Karate Instructor Indicted

U.S.A. Knights Karate in Harlingen teaches students virtues like discipline, courage, pride and passion, but the mother of one former student at the school said her daughter was taught a secret lesson after being sexually abused by an instructor. "I don't see why this man is still on the streets... I don't see why the public isn't made aware of it," she said. Carlos Anderson is wanted on multiple charges related to child sexual abuse. He has yet to be formally charged since missing an arraignment hearing in June, according to documents Action 4 News obtained. His indictment by a Cameron County Grand Jury last month remains sealed pending his arrest. Court records showed how Anderson faces charges of indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and sexual assault of a child. The cases against him range in dates from 2006 to 2009. But they may not end there. "He's out there... there's probably other people out there who maybe want to come forward but feel it's just them... but people need to be made aware of it," Jane said. Action 4 News does not reveal the identity of alleged victims of sexual abuse. That's why we're referring to the mother as "Jane." She claims her daughter and another female close to her were victims at the karate school in 2009. "He's accused of touching their behind, fondling their breast| he would ask certain questions: did you shave... what do you have going on down there?" The cases against Anderson were turned over from Harlingen police to an outside law enforcement agency. Jane believes the Cameron County district attorney's office may be dragging its feet on the case against Anderson because of who his wife is-- a high ranking Harlingen police official. The district attorney's office would not comment on specifics about the case because it remains sealed. However, a spokesperson for the D.A. TMs office did release this prepared statement to Action 4 News: The Cameron County and District Attorney, Armando R. Villalobos, considers crimes against children to be the most heinous of all crimes, and he will protect the children of Cameron County by prosecuting these criminals to the full extent of the law. We regret that we cannot communicate any information concerning allegations of abuse or violence against children until allowed by law. This is to protect the victims and their families from any harm. The District Attorney would like to assure the citizens of Cameron County that he will vigilantly protect them while seeking justice against those that will do them harm. Action 4 News tried to interview Anderson before a scheduled 6 o'clock karate class on Thursday evening.A parent inside the building at the time said he was not there and she did not know when he would be coming in. Jane said she found it shocking that Anderson has been virtually hiding in plain sight as a free man. "I believe everyone is watching their steps with this one... they're tip-toeing around it... just because of the caution ...of who this person's wife is," she said.