4 Exclusive: Third Drug Test 'Performed' on SB's Asst Police Chief

It's been almost a month since San Benito city officials said Arnold Garcia failed to complete a required random drug test. The assistant police chief was suspended for 3 days without pay. The punishment cost him about $500 from his $63,000 yearly salary, according to statistics from the city secretary's office. City policy indicates the action-in-question would be cause for discharge. Garcia was instead ordered to take second drug test. In addition to a urine sample, Garcia was also required to provide a hair sample for what's called a 10 panel drug test-- a first of its kind for the city. It screens for 10 drugs and detects several illegal drugs as well as high levels of prescription drugs that have the potential for abuse in a person's system for 90 days. But the complete results never came in. City officials blamed NTC Drug Testing Services in Harlingen for failing to get the full 10 panel test results as ordered. The company in question was not opened after 5pm Friday for reaction. Trusted sources confirm the city used All Valley Drug Screen in Brownsville to perform a third round of testing on Garcia Friday morning.

Garcia was forced to submit a body hair sample, according to our sources. We're told it shows drugs in a person's system dating back one full year. Those results are due back Tuesday. Garcia remains on administrative leave. Jan Cassidy, San Benito's city attorney, did not return our call for comment. She has repeatedly ignored Action 4 News during this continued investigation.