4 year old kept on bus an hour longer, mom calls police

Bernadette Mercado

Bernadette Mercado's heart skipped a beat Tuesday.

"I was frantic"

4-year-old Mia Yanez was on bus 75 coming from an Edinburg school just a few blocks away.

"I called the school to make sure she was on that bus and they confirmed that she was."

But at 3:20, the girl's bus drove right past her mom's house near Alberta Road.

"He said he would bring me back in a little bit but he lied," said little Mia sitting close to her mom.

"She did say she saw me outside waiting and that she told the bus driver I live there and he said I'll bring you back later."

Mia's pre-kinder classmates were dropped at their homes down the street, but not her. Mom calls the school they refer her to the Edinburg transportation department where they are able to contact the bus driver.

"He asked me what's the name of your daughter and he asked the driver if he had Mia Yanez on his bus and he said he didn't have anyone by that name on his bus. I told him to ask again because she has to be on the bus. "

Too much time had passed without knowing Mia's whereabouts so Bernandette called Edinburg Police for help locating the child.

"My daughter's missing. She's not on the bus, she's not at the school, I was scared she had fallen asleep on the bus or got off in a different neighborhood and was walking around somewhere."

At 4:15, bus 75 finally re-appeared with little Mia in tow.

"The bus that the bus driver said she wasn't on pulls up and she's the only student on the bus and he drives up and drops her off. I made sure to let the teachers know she will not be riding the bus ever again."

The transportation director at Edinburg CISD, Alonso Barboza assures us this issue has been reviewed so that it never happens again.

The driver apparently missed the house and had picked up a second route so instead of going back immediately, which Barboza admits should have been done, the driver went on with the other route before returning.