41 prisoners escape from Matamoros jail

      Orlando Saucedo-Pinta takes questions from reporters

      Tamaulipas state officials have confirmed the escape of at least 41 prisoners from a jail in Matamoros.

      Authorities confirmed that the prisoners were being held at the "Centro de Ejecucin de Sanciones" in Matamoros.

      Orlando Saucedo-Pinta with the Tamaulipas Department of Public Safety (SSP) confirmed that the jailbreak took place between 4 and 5 a.m. Thursday.

      Details about the mass escape were not available but Saucedo-Pinta said in a written statement that two prison guards are also missing.

      According to Saucedo-Pinta, the guards were identified as Jose Angel Reyes-Segovia and Agapito Uvalle-Escalante.

      Authorities did not release the names of the 41 prisoners who escaped but said 38 of them were held at the state-run jail for federal crimes.

      Saucedo-Pinta reported that the jail's director Jaime Cano-Gallardo has been dismissed from his post and is now under investigation.

      The jailbreak remains under investigation.