$465 fee for deferred action application

Hundreds of undocumented youth are one step closer to attaining legal status after federal officials detailed costs and dates for the deferred action plan on deportations.

Gaston Felix is among the estimated 1.4 million people nationwide that could qualify under President Barack Obama's executive order.

"We're one step closer to get our stuff together and be a part of this country," he said.

Felix said he is hoping his everyday struggles as an undocumented teen will be a thing of the past.

He has had to work odds jobs to care for his 3-year-old son, "working the fields, lawns, washing cars, I did that for a while with my uncles."

But Felix has bigger plans ahead.

"I plan to join the army, if I'm allowed to join the army with whatever permit they give me," he said.

Potential applications like Felix will have their chance to apply for deferred action on deportation starting August 15th.

"They're going to be at a charge of $465s for deferred action, LUPE organizer Danny Diaz said. It TMs going to be combined. It TMs going to be for the protection from deportation, and also the work permit."

Diaz said they are expecting a big turnout at the LUPE offices across the Valley.

The community non-profit will be charging about $120 dollars to fill out the application, compared to the nearly $1000 attorneys are expected to charge.

LUPE is asking potential applicants to wait until August 15 to begin filing their applications; otherwise they said the case could be dismissed. What students can start doing now is to start documenting a lot of the stuff that the USCIS is asking for specifically.

For example if they were students, they TMre going to have to prove that they were students here throughout their high school, maybe junior high years, Diaz added.