50 percent chance for low to develop into tropical cyclone

Don TMt put that umbrella away just yet.

Another round of tropical moisture is heading to the valley, which should spell rain and plenty of it.

A tropical wave in the southern Gulf and Bay of Campeche is heading towards the coast of Mexico.

There TMs now a 50 percent chance for the low to develop into tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours.

That's upgraded from just a 30 percent chance earlier this afternoon.

This area of low pressure has the potential to grow into tropical depression status, if not stronger.

This should be a rain event for the Rio Grande Valley, with the majority of the showers staying south of the border.

Rain is possible as early Tuesday with an increased chance of showers and thunderstorms by Wednesday.

Some of those thunderstorms will have the potential to be severe.

Low lying areas that flooded during last weeks rains could flood once again.

The chance of rain will linger through the weekend.