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      500 lb. Man Stuck In Political Limbo

      Mark Fry of Harlingen is hoping Medicaid reform in Texas will help him get the care he needs.Fry weighs more than 500 pounds and can barely get out of his chair.I TMm trapped, confined to this chair, not because I want to be, I TMd rather work, Fry said.In 2009 Fry was in an accident that worsened pre-existing medical conditions.He couldn TMt find work and depression set in.He doubled in weight and now depends on federal programs to treat his medical problems and make rent.I TMm warehoused here, in limbo, agonizing horrible pain, being passed around like a political hot potato, Fry said.He can TMt find a doctor to treat him because of his insurance and his size.He desperately needs help to get rid of a 30 pound tumor that continues to grow and is the source of agonizing pain.I want to walk again, I want to be healthy as long as I can and be functional and contribute to society, Fry said.If he can TMt find a doctor that will see him and sign a release form, he will lose his provider who helps clean and feed him.