600 Mexican troops deployed across from Starr County

More than 600 Mexican troops have arrived to patrol a troubled area of the border across the Rio Grande from Starr County.

Mexico's Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) confirmed that the troop deployment took place on Monday morning.

SEDENA officials reported that troops will patrol area known as "La Frontera Chica," or the "Little Border."

La Frontera Chica is an stretch of Tamaulipas along the Rio Grande between Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.

The area, which includes Diaz Ordaz, Los Guerra, Camargo, Miguel Aleman, Ciudad Mier and Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, have endured more than a year and half of drug trafficking violence.

Almost all the residents of Ciudad Mier had to flee drug trafficking violence last year.

La Frontera Chica has more recently seen multi-ton seizures of marijuana from inside drug bunkers and gun battles where the suspects fled into the United States to escape soldiers.