$6.1 million in cocaine found hidden inside flatbed trailer

$6.1 milion in cocaine seized at the Veterans International Bridge // CBP Photo

Authorities are investigating a drug trafficking organization after finding more than $6.1 million worth of cocaine found hidden in a secret compartment built inside a flatbed trailer.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers reported that the seizure happened at the Veterans International Bridge in Brownsville on Friday.

Investigators reported that a 18-wheeler with a flatbed trailer arrived from Matamoros and was heading north.

Customs officers sent the 18-wheeler to secondary inspection where they allegedly found 85 packages with close to 192 pounds of cocaine hidden inside the structure of the flatbed trailer.

The drugs are worth an estimated $6.1 million dollars on the streets.

No arrests were reported but the drug smuggling incident remains under investigation.