63 immigrants detained in traffic stops, stash house searches

Authorities found squalid conditions inside the home

Some 63 illegal immigrants are in custody and being processed for deportation after two traffic stops and two raids in San Juan.

The first group of immigrants were caught during a Tuesday night traffic stop.

That incident led San Juan police and Border Patrol agents to raid a home on I Road just north of Nolana Avenue.

That TMs where authorities found 40 illegal immigrants crammed into a small abandoned home.

Just a few hours later, authorities arrested the woman accused of smuggling these immigrants.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the woman had her two children and five illegal immigrants inside her vehicle at the time of her arrest.

San Juan Police Sgt. Rolando Garcia said the conditions in the stash house were squalid.

"There is urine on the floor, mold growing on the house and the structure isn't very sound, Sgt. Garcia said. We would hate for something to happen to these people when they are inside these homes. We don't want them to get hurt, or worse--pass away inside this residence."

The woman who is accused of smuggling all of these immigrants is expected to be charged on Thursday.

Police said they found more than $4,000 dollars in the woman's car.

Investigators said police also found two more immigrants at her home and are just waiting on a search warrant to see what else they might find.

Child Protective Services officials have taken custody of both of her children.