69 Undocumented immigrants apprehended at hidden campsite

Border Patrol agents apprehended 69 undocumented immigrants at a make-shift camp site located off 10th street near Mile 17 1/2 Road this morning.

Action 4 News visited the camp and saw at least 30 undocumented immigrants hiding under thick brush.

Nearby residents told Action 4 News the site has been heavily used by human smugglers for at least a year.

We are just sitting out here and people just come up, ask for water or to use my cell phone, resident Diana said.

Residents did not want to reveal their full names because fear of retaliation.

They told Action 4 News smugglers drop off several dozen people at the site until they are able to take them further north to walk around the Falfurrias check point.

So constantly everyday they are dropping off people, another resident said.

After leaving the site Border Patrol apprehended 69 undocumented immigrants.

Border Patrol Spokesperson Henry Mendiola told Action 4 News it appears the area was being used as a staging area where undocumented immigrants were kept before being taken to a new location.

It TMs cruel because they come all this way and they spend their money, who knows how much money, and they get taken back, Diana said.

We asked Border Patrol if the area was patrolled, they told Action 4 News their main focus is on the Rio Grande.

They rely on vigil residents to help find sites like the one we visited today.

But residents think finding the campsite calls for more patrols in their neighborhood.

Sometimes that TMs what it takes before anybody will do something about it, a resident said.