6th grade BISD student with special needs 'bruised' by school staffers

Mary Hernandez says her 12 year old son has been traumatized.

"He said he was going like that," Mary said while grabbing her son's neck.

Mary demonstrates the rough technique she says 5 adult staff members at Garcia Middle School in Brownsville used to subdue her 60 lb son during a so-called "episode" last month while in detention.

"I know he was kicking and asking for help," she said.

You wouldn't know by looking at him, but the 6th grader has special needs.

His mother says he suffers from depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

Mary says the bruises on her son's arms are proof; the proper restraining technique wasn't used.

"You get him like that," she demonstrated with wrapping her arms around her son from behind.

It's difficult to know what really went on inside that room because the district is keeping tight lipped about the investigation.

A spokesperson says the student is a juvenile and she simply can't release details as per law.

But Drue Brown could confirm how district staff receives proper training on how to handle situations like this one.

In a statement sent to Action 4 News Drue writes in part:

"Each BISD campus has a team of administrators, teachers, security officers and paraprofessionals who have been trained to handle behavior that puts others or themselves at risk using the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training strategies... Campus teams are recertified each year."

Mary doesn't buy it.

She wants to know why her son is the one who's facing charges.

He was sent to a juvenile detention center for 3 days after being accused of hitting a special education teacher.

Mary says he hasn't been to school in nearly 2 weeks because of a no contact order.

The district is currently working with the family to place the student in a different middle school.