70 phone calls, 20 texts in three hours end in stalking charges

San Benito Police Department: Randy Daniel Cruz

A San Benito man was arrested on Wednesday night after he was caught bothering a woman outside of her home.

The woman initially called police around 7 p.m. telling officers that Rudy Daniel Cruz would not leave her property after being told several times.

Police went to her home on the 100 block of N. Colorado, but by the time they arrived Cruz had left. The woman filed a report for criminal trespass.

The woman called officers again at 10 p.m. saying that the 27-year-old had returned.

When officers arrived, they saw Cruz standing in the front yard, staring at the front of the house.

Cruz was taken into custody and transported to the city jail.

The woman told officers that Cruz had been banging on the front door, and bedroom window for several minutes.

She told police that the 27-year-old had called her 70 times and left her 20 text messages.

One of the texts stated that he didn TMt care if he went to jail; he was going to make it for a good reason.

Cruz was arraigned before Judge Benjamin Yudesis.

His bond was set at $14,000.