71 illegal immigrants found camping in orchard

71 illegal immigrants found in orchard

Make shift huts found in a Mission orchard were filled with 71 illegal immigrants hiding as they were crossing the border.

An anonymous tip led agents to this mission orchard on 4 Mile Line and Glasscock Road.

Border Patrols Agents found 71 immigrants from Mexico, central and South America had been hiding here for two weeks.

Danny Tirado with the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector said it was fortunate no one needed serious medical attention.

"Within our sector we've seen makeshift huts in the past where smugglers tend to utilize brush areas to conceal humans but this is one of the few they've built inside an orchard."

Orchard owners said they didn't know about the illegal activity.

It's not uncommon to find large groups of illegal immigrants packed inside houses across the Valley, but this latest find shows how human smugglers are becoming more innovative in how they move immigrants across the border illegally.

Workers spent the day today dismantling the makeshift huts in hopes the orchard won't be used to conceal.