8-liner found running out of martial arts gym

Hybrid M.M.A in Brownsville

The crackdown on 8-liners continues in Cameron County. Authorities made a surprise visit to a Brownsville arcade with a fake storefront.

On the outside it is advertised as a mixed martial arts gym, but on the inside investigators found plenty of illegal activity going. Yesterday they confiscated 50 gambling machines and 20 people were cited for gambling. Surrounding business owners said the former mixed martial arts gym was always packed with customers, only they were not there for sport. Cameron County District Attorney investigators continued Operation Bishop on Tuesday, as they raided the place located on the 1000 block of Mackintosh Drive. According to investigators, the place was hot, smoky and poorly-ventilated. District Attorney Luis Saenz said "the fact that this 8-liner establishment was operating in a building believed to be a karate business tells us that owners are doing everything they can to hide their illegal activity." He adds investigators have confirmed 8-liner businesses have set up shop inside homes and hotels in Brownsville, Harlingen and South Padre Island. The 20 people found gambling were cited and they could face a fine of up to $200.

The District Attorney warns, if a home is busted for harboring illegal 8-liners it will be forfeited.