8-liner machines stolen after raid in Raymondville

8-liners in Raymondville

Raymondville police arrested and charged seven people as a result of their investigation into the "Chances R" 8-liner.

After police raided the arcade, they kept the 52 machines as evidence.

Four days after the raid, the machines inside the Chances R facility were stolen.

The police department is sending a clear message that any attempts to promote illegal gambling will not be taken lightly.

They hope these arrests will send a message to others trying to do the same.

Sergeant Andres Maldonado said the illegal game rooms are a nuisance and can lead to violent crimes which is something they do not want in their city.

"Gambling is illegal and a problem, Sgt. Maldonado said. But our main concern is something major happening like getting killed or someone getting hurt just based on someone trying to steal large amounts of money with everything that goes on."

Sgt. Maldonado told Action 4 News when they raided "Chances R", they found not only the machines, but $10,000 in cash stashed inside.

Not only are the machines expensive, Sgt. Maldonado said, But how much money they generate is very important to someone. To go to the extent to hire people, to rent trucks for them under someone else's name, go in there and use the tools they did to get through a steel door."

Maldonado said a lot of time and resources have gone into shutting down these 8-liners and the department doesn TMt plan on backing down anytime soon.

"It will be taken seriously, Sgt. Maldonado said. We will go after people who are assisting as well and helping them run these illegal game rooms."

Detectives told Action 4 News they believe the operating manager of "Chances R" is a man by the name of A.T. Coosta.

They said he hired the group of men to steal and bring the 52 machines up to Austin.

Investigators are continuing to search for Coosta and the stolen machines.