8-liner robbery suspect scared off by female security guard

19-year-old Jose Carriaga

A 19-year-old, who threatened a security guard with a gun, but then backed down and fled after the security guard pointed her gun at him, was arrested on Thursday.

A Cameron County deputy responded to a call on May 11th about a robbery taking place at the Arcade Game Room on FM 506 in Santa Rosa.

The deputy talked to two female security guards who said two men had approached them, and one was carrying a gun.

Both men were described as being 6 feet tall, around 170 lbs. One was wearing a red and black shirt and the other was wearing a green shirt.

The guard said that the man wearing the red and black shirt, pointed the gun at her demanding money.

She quickly took action by pulling out her gun and asking him to leave.

The suspect turned around and swiftly walked away.

Scared is the term the security guard used to describe the man TMs expression.

An investigator on the case went to a nearby Stripes convenience store on FM 506 and 107 and gave the clerk the descriptions of the two men.

The clerk recognized the description said they had gone to that store a couple hours before, but he was not able to get the store TMs surveillance footage until a manager came in the next morning.

The video tape was obtained in the morning and both security guards went to the Harlingen Sheriff TMs Office to identify the men.

Both women recognized the men and pointed out the one that had been carrying the weapon.

The Stripes clerk also identified the suspect as one of his former classmates Jose Angel Carriaga.

A warrant was issued for Carriaga and he was arrested.

The 19-year-old was charged with aggravated robbery and his bond was set at $100,000.