8-liners a big problem in Starr County

For every one illegal gambling arena that is shut down, five more pop up in its place.

"I'm not sure how many there are, Deputy Esmer Muniz started. But we've gotten a couple of calls of offenses that occur at places where there are 8-liners."

Rows and rows of machines line a Starr County warehouse. They have all be seized within the last week.

All shapes and sizes, this is not an unusual site for Starr County deputies.

Muniz told Action 4 News that they just did not stumble upon the 97 machines seized from a business in Roma on Tuesday----they actually got a call from someone who worked at the establishment wanting deputies to go and break up a fight in the parking lot.

"That's how we've come across these places, Muniz said. Offenses are committed at these places, we get called, and then we can go on the property."

Unfortunately, once the property is seized it has to remain in storage until the case goes to trial. But even then"it could take years.

If the person is convicted of gambling or running an establishment it is only a misdemeanor.