8-liners run out of homes could be hazardous

8-liners run out of homes

Cameron County continues its fight against illegal 8-liner establishments, and this time authorities are resorting to more creative measure to spot where these businesses are setting up shop.

Last week, Harlingen police found an illegal 8-liner business inside a home, but the Cameron County Fire Marshal TMs office is now working closely with electric companies to detect unusual peaks in electricity.

A spike in electricity usage could assist authorities in pinpointing 8-liners establishments running out of homes.

People operating illegal gaming operations will continue to look for new ways to cheat the system, according to officials.

County Emergency Manager Humberto Barrera said there is a major threat for patrons looking to gamble at homes are not built to handle so much electricity usage at once as would be required.

With gaming machines plugged in a home could go up in flames in a matter of seconds.

So now you TMre overloading the capacity and unit and what happens is you create a lot of heat, radiating heat, and you create a major fire in a life or death type of situation| most houses do have a back door, but you TMre talking about 30-40 people. Plus, the risk of trampling over each other, or that there TMs a burglar bars there or back doors are locked, Barrera said.

Barrera adds that Operation Bishop, led by the Cameron County District Attorney TMs Office, is continuing to eradicate illegal gambling in the county.

Officials encourage residents to report and suspicious activity in their neighborhood.

The 8-liner establishments could cause quick spreading fires and septic tank backups.