8 Valley residents injured in Missouri traveling circus crash

      File Photo: Ruben Osorio File Photo: Osorio family acrobats

      Harlingen residents were injured on a Moberly, Mo. highway after another man rear-ended them in the vehicle he was driving.

      According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the eight people involved in the accident, including a teenager, are from Harlingen.

      The accident happened on a U.S. 24 around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday.

      The eight people were traveling with a caravan of Whirling Brothers circus performers, according to CBS St. Louis (KMOX). The eight Harlingen residents were transported by ambulances to local hospitals after sustaining moderate to minor injuries in the crash.

      According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, no safety restraints were worn by the eight Harlingen residents.

      They were traveling about 45 MPH when the accident happened.

      The other driver involved sustained minor injuries after the vehicle he was driving came to a rest in a ditch.

      Harlingen residents involved:

      Alexandra Gounda36-years-old

      Julio Preciado36-years-old

      Rosalba Preciado44-years-old

      Cecilia Osorio41-years-old

      Maria Osorio46-years-old

      Oscar Osorio (driver)51-years-old

      Rolando Osorio16-years-old

      Ruben Osorio22-years-old