8-year old threatened with suspension over school mascot haircut

8-year old threatened with suspension over school mascot haircut.

8-year-old Carson Salazar loves his school and his youth football team's mascot."I wanted this since I was little," he said.

But when Carson came to Bonham Elementary School Monday with a haircut featuring a Cardinal shaved on the back of his head, administrators stepped in."I was really scared," he said.

Isaiah Herrera says he got the news soon after dropping off his grandson in the morning.

"They told him that if he doesn't take it off by tomorrow he'll be suspended, and I said what's the difference since the school is selling tattoos for his face," he said.The difference is spelled out in the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District's "Code of Conduct," according to Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores.

In this statement to Action 4 News, he says in part: "HCISD prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal's judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations."A district spokesperson confirms Carson's parent signed paperwork handed in which detailed the rules at the start of the school year, but Carson claims he was never made aware."I didn't see it and nobody told us about it," he explained.

Faced with suspension, Carson says he will have his head shaved by Tuesday."Because they don't allow it in school," the little boy said.His grandfather says he'll be pushing to have rules redesigned because of a double standard on school spirit display."He's just showing off his spirit," he said.

The district has offered to provide the family with a coupon for a free haircut to offset the cost for compliance.Superintendent Dr. Flores encourages parents to contact school administrators with questions or concerns about the dress code."When school administrators and parents collectively work together, we are confident that an agreement for the benefit of our students can be reached," he said in a statement.

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