9-1-1 call released in San Juan murder

In the 9-1-1 call released Wednesday by Alamo and San Juan police, the frantic voice of Juan Garza's employee can be heard.

Caller: "In San Juan, In San Juan! Hurry! They killed my boss!"

The eyewitness, who's name has not be released by police, identified his boss and begged a dispatcher to hurry and send an ambulance.

Caller: "Juan Garza! Move, move! Send an ambulance!"

Then he continued giving directions.

Caller: "Here at Amigo Propane, on Cesar Chavez."

"Dispatcher: Cesar Chavez?"

"Calller: Hurry! "

In moments help arrived.

Mr. Garza was transported with a gunshot wound to the head.

Federal, state and local authorities assembled an all out search for the suspect.

But since that deadly December night, two weeks ago, leads about the heinous crime have gone cold, prompting San Juan police and the victim's family to make another appeal for the public's help.

"Anything that anyone can do to come forward to help us find this person, (would be appreciated)" said Luz Garza, the victim's widow, fighting back tears.

"It's not going to bring him back but it would bring peace of mind to our family."

Mrs. Garza said the family is devastated the killer is still out there and is fearful that he might hurt someone else.

Police believe the suspect, described as 5 foot 8, wearing jeans, a white shirt and a cap, robbed Mr. Garza.

But one question that comes to everyone's mind is: If he took Mr. Garza's money, why did he shoot Mr. Garza?

"Unless the person was afraid he could identify him or something like that," Luz Garza said, offering her own theory of what could have happened.

"But, from what we saw, it appeared that he was just filling up a propane tank and turned around to collect the money and he was shot."

In an instant, that gunshot shattered so many lives, just weeks before Christmas.

"It's going to be a very sad Christmas for us. I have done nothing to decorate," Mrs. Garza said.

"There's nothing to celebrate. Yes it is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but with our family... there's an emptiness..."

Anyone with information is urged to call San Juan Crime Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.

San Juan police is also looking to go national with their search, hoping to air the story on America's Most Wanted.

"We are preparing a package, we are going to send that package to that television show and hopefully get some national exposure and get some contacts through that," said San Juan police spokesman Rolando Garcia.