9-11 tape released in Brownsville City Commissioner's arrest

Authorities have released the 9-11 tape following the arrest of Brownsville City Commissioner Jessica Tetreau.

Brownsville police arrested Tetreau following a domestic disturbance early Saturday morning.

Tetreau maintains her innocence but is not publicly speaking about the incident based on the advice of her attorney.

She called 9-11 to report that her husband Arturo Ochoa Kalifa attacked her and was going to smash a glass in her face.

The Brownsville city commissioner is heard on the 9-11 tape telling a dispatcher that she is a city commissioner and that she had to defend herself.

Tetreau is heard saying her husband is jealous of her and that he pushed her to the ground and hit her.

"Get away from me," she's heard telling him in the 9-11 call.

Tetreau told the dispatcher that the couple's children were home at the time but safe with a relative.

"I have blood my hand after my wedding ring scratched him," she said in the tape.

Tetreau's tape and a police report show that Kalifa tampered with her BMW.

In the tape, she saying he did it to prevent her from leaving.

Tetreau is heard remaining locked in her bedroom until police officers arrived at her home.

Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia told Action 4 News that the case has been forwarding the case to the Cameron County District Attorney's Office for review.

Chief Garcia said Tetreau was told to file a formal complaint with his agency and they would condcut an internal investigation.

Jessica Tetreau calls 911 while being attacked