90 iPods stolen from Rio Grande City CISD

Five people are in police custody for stealing $25,000 worth of electronics from Veterans Middle School in Rio Grande City.

Two juveniles and three adults are being questioned after more than 90 iPods, a projector, a digital camera, and a lap top disappeared from the school on August 13.Rio Grande City CISD Police Chief Hernan Garza says it TMs the largest theft case he has seen in the district.

"We have always had thefts and break-ins but not one of this magnitude," Garza said.

Luckily police have recovered about 60 iPods, the camera and the laptop.

Garza says those who broke into the school and stole them, found the devices all over the school.

"They were in different rooms within the building that were unsecure inside, Garza said.

Garza says the staff has been notified and the district is going to be taking more precautions to prevent future thefts.

The iPods were stored in a closet that was not secured so we got to make sure we lock these storage rooms and class rooms, Garza said.

With about 30 iPods still missing, valued at more than $200 each police are still trying to find the rest.

If you have any information that could help call Rio Grande City CISD Police at 716-6842.