911 call rejected according to Hidalgo County woman

A Tuesday morning turned into a terrifying ordeal in Melissa Limas' own home.

"They rang the doorbell repeatedly."

She said a man then broke the lock on her front door on Tiquisita Avenue off Ware Road and entered her home.

"He said something in Spanish and then my 15-year-old starting screaming." The startled mom chased the suspect out of her house as he jumped in a getaway vehicle and sped away.

As in any emergency, Melissa dialed 911, but what happened when the dispatcher answered the phone came as a complete shock.

"She told me they couldn't help me and I needed to call some 369 number."

Melissa said while trying to memorize the license plate number on the vehicle she was then faced with memorizing another number, to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's office when she thought dialing 911 would have been suffice.

"Everyone else can call 911, but since we live out here we have to know the sheriff's department number and remember that when there is an emergency?"

At the time of her emergency, Melissa had run out of the home in such a panic that she didn't know whether the man had harmed her teenage daughter was still in the house.

"I didn't know if she had been shot or hit or anything, I had to wait for my emergency lock to let me get back on my phone so I could call the sheriff's department."

We have alerted Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino about the issue.

He is looking into it and said if it did indeed happen, it shouldn't have.

The sheriff said if it is an actual emergency dispatch is supposed to take the information and send it to the proper authorities, if not a real emergency, 911 asks the caller to call a non-emergency number.

Melissa said there is no doubt she needed authorities immediately.

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