911 jurisdiction confusion in Mission

This is a normal day for Juan Sanchez. He's stocking shelves and taking inventory.

But on Sunday night, things were out of the ordinary for this store manager.

"It was pretty scary," said Sanchez.

Sanchez manages Mr. G Food Store and Propane.

Police said three armed men robbed Frankie's Bar, a neighboring business, demanding money and even checking women's purses and bras for hidden money.

"it was pretty much a clean sweep all the way through," said Sanchez.

Mr. G Food Store and Propane and Frankie's Bar share a building.

There's only a wall that separates the two businesses.

"The security guard from next door came over here pretty much dragging himself over here crawling on the floor complaining about pain and for us to call the police department," said Sanchez.

And that's what they did.

"According to my employee, the Mission Police Department told them that we're not in the jurisdiction and that they were going to go ahead and contact county," said Sanchez.

Mission Assistant Police Chief Martin Garza said the business has been in their jurisdiction since January 2009.

But when police first received the call, "The information that we received through the caller was that it was happening at Frankie's Bar at 2 and a half North Conway. During that time, there were no numerical numbers given at that time," said Garza.

A sheriff deputy arrived at the scene after the dispatch alerted the county, but the confusion caused a delay in the arrival of Mission police.

Garza said just North of Frankie's bar, there are bars in the county's jurisdiction, and since Frankie's Bar had no signage or address displayed, police assumed the bar was in the county's group of bars.

Garza said it's important for businesses to display the name of the business and an address.

He said it would help a lot if police are trying to locate a crime scene.

Garza suggests people test their jurisdiction by calling 9-1-1, and notifying them it's not an emergency, but that they would like to confirm what city would be responding to their calls.

The 3 suspects in this case are still at large.

Police said one of the suspects was wearing a mask similar to what bee keepers wear, and one of the suspects has a tattoo on the side of his neck.

The suspects got away in a late 80's or early 90's Ford Explorer with no window tint.

If anyone has any information contact Mission Crime Stoppers at 581-8477.

There's a one thousand dollar reward for the person whose tip leads police to the suspects.