A Dog's Tale of Redemption Inspires Winter Texans

It's a story of hope for one lucky pup in Weslaco, who has a new lease on life thanks to her new owners. Meet Honey, a Shepherd-mix who TMd had a pretty dog gone year, when a group of Winter Texans discovered her.

She was just so scroungy, and so afraid of people. You couldn't get within 10 feet of her, said Debbie Houk, one of those who found her. Honey spent her days walking down the road between the Southern Comfort and Country Sunshine R-V resorts exactly one year ago. It was then, the Winter Texans, including Houk, tried to take care of her.. But as the winter wrapped up, and the community returned home, the thought of what could happen to the canine never left her mind.

Houk says she was, "Very sad when we left and all we kept thinking is how is she doing? Is she ok?" Enter two sisters into the picture! North Carolina natives Debbie Kelley and Stephanie Simpson took care of her daily. But it took a storm, and a special delivery to gain her trust.

She had puppies. So we knew we had to do something because people around here weren TMt willing to put up with 7 puppies, said Stephanie Simpson, one of the owners. The sisters cleaned her up and got the puppies to good homes. Now, she still makes the rounds at the Country Sunshine R-V Park as their mascot. Just with her snout held a little higher. Always with one paw extended to the Winter Texans she's grown to love.

And with extra thanks on both ends. Because as the sisters say, they didn't just rescue her.

She rescued them.

Simpson reminds, Don't give up on animals. Don't give up on love."

Houk adds, "I think, whenever you see her, you think of what could have been. And you see her today. Fairly tales don't happen too often, but I think this is a fairy tale."