A local school near the border updates and tightens campus security

It is computer software designed to keep everyone calm during an emergency.

"We shifted from the old paper paper based with the online emergency response plan."

Craig Verely, spokesman for Mission CISD, said the Readiness and Emergency Management Tool for Educators has allowed the district to upload every piece of information they might need during an emergency.

"They have access to aerial shots of the building and detailed layouts of the buildings that include all of the access points to the building," Verely explained.

Each person who enters Hidalgo Early College High School gets a mini background check before they are allowed inside.

"To make sure that people that are coming in are not a threat to our students," Principal, Domingo

Villarreal IIII said.

But for those students who attend the high school"the threat will not necessarily present itself on campus|.. There are times during the day that you can actually hear some of the gunshots from across the border, Hidalgo ISD Superintendent Librado De Hoyos said.

De Hoyos said the shooting of two Harwell Middle school students by a person allegedly target practicing on a nearby ranch---opened their eyes to the dangers that lurk near campus.

He said with the high schools close proximity to the border-- they can never be too prepared.

You don TMt know when the violence is going to spread across the border," De Hoyos said.

Despite the numerous eyes and ears they have around campus, Border Patrol and Hidalgo Police are a constant presence, De Hoyos said they could always use more.

"We're still short handed. We still need resources so that we can assure that our kids continue to be safe."

His solution, more funding for schools located right along the border-- only then, he said, will the student truly be safe from outside threats.