A London family is finally going home

The Stephenson family is finally going home after their flight was cancelled because of volcanic ash hundreds of miles away.

"We're ready to go back I think," said Rob Stephenson.

The Stephenson family's flight had been delayed because of volcanic ash drifting from a volcano in Iceland.

"It's been quite a stressful period obviously just not knowing how long we're going to have to stay," said Stephenson.

The ash caused numerous flight delays and forced major airports in Europe to shut down.

"My mom wanted to go on Tuesday, and I said, 'well, I saw on the news that the plane might crash, and I don't want to crash,'" said daughter Jessica.

Jessica said she was shaken by the news, but that didn't stop her and her brother from having a good time while in the Valley.

"I like America," said her brother Daniel. "I wanted to stay more."

But for the Stephenson family, it's back to work and school.